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“For me, cooking and traveling go hand in hand. When I travel, I immerse myself in the local culture. My favorite thing to do while traveling abroad, is to join a local cooking class, and learn!”

About Hispanic-ish - about me




Bienvenidos, Welcome!

My name is Denise,  the face behind HISPANIC-ISH. I am a Latina born and raised in New York City, currently living abroad in London, with an incredible passion for food, travel, and WINE! I grew up in a household where food was a way of life so naturally, I fell in love with all things food-related at a very young age. 

I created  HISPANIC-ISH to have a platform where I could share my healthier guilt-free recipes of our favorite Latin meals. Meals that we love, but shouldn’t quite indulge in with every day.  The recipes that you’ll find on HISPANIC-ISH are all made with whole foods and no food additives, often swapping out meat for veggies or healthier meat alternatives. Meaning, you can now have your favorite meals as often as you’d like!!

el colmadito plant-based Latin Caribbean street food

El Colmadito is a Plant-Based Latin Caribbean fusion Street Food concept in London, that my husband and I are proud founders of. At HISPANIC-ISH you’ll find some of the same recipes that we use at El Colmadito, so take advantage of El Colmadito from the comfort of your own kitchen. Want to know more about El Colmadito? Click HERE

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Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me, now LET’S COOK together!!


About Hispanic-ish - about me

Home cooking in Sri Lanka


pasta making in italy

Pasta making in Italy


About Hispanic-ish - about me

Wine tasting in Berlin, Germany